I would love to hear from you via the form below and will reply as soon as possible. My second novel, Muse, is published in English, in Italian as L’amante del Papa, and in French as Muse. For a description of Muse and ordering information, please click here and to buy Conceit, please click here. All editions of my novels are available as e-books.

If you are reading Muse or Conceit for your book club, you can print reader’s guides from the Muse page and Conceit page. Photographs of me are available at Author Photos.

I’d be delighted to talk about Muse and Conceit at festivals, readings, and events across Canada and in other countries, so please e-mail me directly, or contact my representatives below.
For English: Anne Robinson, publicist, Doubleday,, 416 957-1487 or 647 226 8690
For French: Marianne Villeneuve, attachée de presse, Éditions Hurtubise,, 514-523-1523, poste 269
For French outside Canada: Librairie du Québec in Paris,, +33 1 43 54 49 02 or
For Italian: visit

To inquire about additional rights for Muse and Conceit, please contact: The Cooke Agency,, 416 406-3390 or The Cooke Agency International,, 647 788-4010

For more about my writing group (Mary Novik, Jen Sookfong Lee, and June Hutton), please visit our SPiN website. If you are an emerging writer, we encourage you to come out to our readings and chat with us. I can highly recommend the writing classes June Hutton and Jen Sookfong Lee teach at UBC and SFU. You might also like to check the getting published page at The Writers’ Union of Canada, or consider taking writing courses such as the on-line ones at University of BC’s Booming Ground or the excellent small-group programs at Simon Fraser University, Southbank Writer’s Program and The Writer’s Studio, both in-class on on-line.

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